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Manufactured Stone from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Stone on Exterior Walls, Manufactured Stone in Bethlehem, PA

About Our Company

As the originators of precast stone, we offer manufacturer prices because we eliminate the middleman. Let us save you money with our everyday low prices. Learn more about our company and how a stone home benefits you.

Precast Stone & Brick

When you choose our precast stone and brick, you can have a stone home for a fraction of the cost. We offer sales and delivery of several types of manufactured stone and brick for your convenience.

Photo Gallery

For your convenience, we have provided a photo gallery of examples of our work. Check out the pictures to find the perfect stone work for your home or office. Remember, we can ship to anywhere you need.
Contact us today in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and get great deals on all of our manufactured stone and brick.

About Us

Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Steel-Stone MFG Co Inc has brought you the finest veneer brick and manufactured stone and brick since 1948. Mass-produced at the lowest cost for modern exteriors or interiors at a price you can afford, our stone adds longevity to the life of your home.

Go from frame or unsightly block to beautiful stone veneer. Veneer stone provides year-round comfort and structural strength that add years and value to your home. You receive the finest quality materials selected to meet your specific requirements.

Keep your house cool at a fraction of the cost with our product. Manufactured stone protects your home from heat loss and wear and tear. We are well-known in New York and Pittsburgh, and we manufacture and ship any amount to various wholesalers and retailers. We are not an installation company.